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Welcome to Future is Fiction Communications. I offer marketing, social media, web design and writing services.

I assist authors, musicians, entrepreneurs, startups and other brilliant people in spreading the word about their projects.

Sometimes this is a traditional campaign to the newspapers or radio shows. Sometimes it’s a social media campaign. Sometimes it’s a regional campaign in conjunction with a tour. Or sometimes it’s just some well-crafted copy for a web site. Every client is unique, so every campaign is uniquely crafted to target the client’s skills and potential audience.

I have the advantage of editorial skills gleaned in the world of publishing, where the standards couldn’t be higher. So you may think of me as a digital marketing consultant with better writing and grammar skills than most. Or perhaps you will think of me as a writer with solid knowledge of SEO, publicity, marketing and web design. Either way, I can help you find your audience and your voice. I love content marketing and helping clients come up with their digital marketing strategy.

I teach digital marketing in San Francisco for Academy X, Bay Area Video Coalition and UC Berkeley Extension. I’m also on the board of the California Writers Club, where we offer free marketing help at our monthly meetings. Very occasionally I offer free marketing advice on my Facebook page.