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I have been a regular contributor to the book and music blog on Alibris.com, the pro DJ site mydjtube.com, a TV fansite for smartphones GoMiso.com, and Maine’s print health newspaper, Designer Health Today. You can read PDFs of the entire paper on their site; here’s a PDF of one review I wrote for Designer Health Today.

I write about many things, the samples below are in themes I return to frequently: technology, writing, social media, books and music.


How content management and digital asset management are the same and different

4 Reasons businesses are switching to a headless CMS

Who needs headless? When to upgrade to a headless CMS

How a headless CMS is different from a conventional CMS

Marketers: Overcome these 4 challenges with a data management platform

Implement a data management platform (DMP) to understand and multiply your audience

Why is digital asset management important?

Is the Advertising Industry Growing?

Tech: B2C

Net Neutrality Fact Fails [PDF excerpt]

Comparing Tumblr and Posterous [PDF]

Turntable.fm Versus Blip.fm [PDF]

How to See What’s Happening on Your Site in Real Time [PDF]

Tech: B2B

Case Study on wildfire management solution for Presence [PDF] (NOTE: Byline attributed to content manager)

Is VR Ready for Work? [PDF] (NOTE: Byline attributed to content manager)

B2B tech ad copy and seo sample – What is Bufferbloat?

Press release for technical book – Land of Lisp

Web Content for Trade Audience (Pro DJs) – EDM Backlash Brews Again

Product Review for Trade Audience (pro DJs): Introducing the DJM-900 Nexus

Social Media

Book Marketing, Social Media and Talking to Strangers San Francisco Book Review

What is the Big Deal About Facebook’s Algorithm? San Francisco Book Review

Facebook Isn’t Showing Your Posts? Here’s What to Do About It San Francisco Book Review

Is Tumblr Right For Your Book? [PDF]

Making the Most of Your Tumblog [PDF]

Why You Need Twitter [PDF]


Where Our Food Comes From Book Review [PDF] (originally printed in Designer Health News)

The Best Climate Change Books [PDF]

Books for Embracing a Vegetarian Diet [PDF]

Remembering the Armenian Genocide: an Interview with Dana Walrath

Books for National Bike to Work Day

An Interview with the author of My Chemical Mountain

The Cacophony Society: Best Pranksters Ever

Excerpt from Vegan Cookbook [PDF]


What is Pop Music? [PDF]

Best Indie Rock of 2011

Press Releases [PDFs]

Stuff Hipsters Hate press release

The Good Atheist press release

American Apocalypse press release

The I Love Trader Joes Cookbook press release


Monthly letter to membership of California’s oldest writing nonprofit

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