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Publicity Samples

Here are some examples of publicity I have achieved for my clients. Links go directly to the clip. In many cases where a hyperlink is unavailable I can get you a PDF.

Print Magazines

(number following is the circulation. Higher is better, though keep in mind niche magazines reach a targeted audience.)

  • Cosmopolitan (3,021,720)
  • Better Homes and Gardens (7,621,786)
  • Shape (1,692,690)
  • Woman’s World (1,360,159)
  • First For Women (1,438,672)
  • Real Simple (1,900,676)
  • Men’s Fitness (700,000)
  • Energy Times (514,274)
  • Maximum Fitness (333,168)
  • Taste for Life Magazine (315,000)
  • Vegetarian Times (275,000)
  • Alive (250,000)
  • Mother Jones (233,000)
  • Mental Floss (45,000)
  • Library Journal (100,000)
  • Booklist (24,150)
  • Publishers Weekly (16,583)


Radio and Television


First number is the world traffic rank, second number is for the U.S. Rank. Lower is better. For example, Huffington Post is ranked 116 because there are only 115 sites in the world that are more popular.

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